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Knight Services provides a multitude of technical solutions, all of which are implemented with the highest quality.


But what makes us better than the competition?

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First-Rate Service

With over 30 years of experience providing technical solutions to schools and businesses, we have the expertise necessary to meet all of your unique needs.


Our goal is to make your life easier by integrating the highest quality solutions with care and precision.


Experienced Team

We know that understanding modern technology can be unnecessarily burdensome, but we are committed to making the process as simple as possible.


We will take it upon ourselves to design an infrastructure that will meet your needs today and will adapt to the quickly changing technical landscape.


Equitable Pricing

Our primary goal is to build long term relationships that help schools drive toward success with the students in their care. We utilizing a pricing strategy designed to make our services accessible to every school we connect with. We are willing to discuss any proposal to see if there is an approach to our pricing that will enable us to establish a productive, successful, ideally long term relationship with you.

Wifi and

As a business that deals with technology on a daily basis, we know better than most how frustrating it can be to work at peak performance with spotty wifi or a poor quality infrastructure. The good news is that we have the solution; your days of spending hours trying to fix your connectivity are over!


Knight Services will design a robust, scalable, tailored solution that will solve any issues you may currently face, and will be flexible, ensuring that your infrastructure will continue to make your life easier for years to come.


We will also introduce a robust structured cabling system, which are the backbone of any reliable infrastructure. Similar to water being carried through piping, all of the information separate technologies need to send to each other travel through structured cabling, and without a system of structured cabling you can trust, all other systems may be at risk. You can count on us to design a system that will be faultless.


Wifi and Infrastructure (design and build a low voltage infrastructure that will support your data/voice/security/building management/lighting systems and allow us to help future proof your building 

  • Wifi (design and install or upgrade your wifi infrastructure to the latest WIFI 6 standard)

  • Structured Cabling design and build. As the water pipes in your building carry the water throughout, the structured cabling system carries information through the building. Many systems all ride on the structured cabling in place. Your life safety systems, voice/data/wifi, security and access control, building management systems and even new lighting systems all run through a shared structured cabling system.

Wifi & Infrastructure

Remote Learning

With the uncertainty of modern times, remote learning is a new facet of our reality, and the ability to have remote learning options such as video conferencing and live streaming can be game changers for childrens’ educations. Having a reliable system for remote learning can be the difference between a successful and enjoyable academic year, and a dull, stressful year for both students and teachers.


We will build custom portable systems, as well as systems installed directly into the classroom that will streamline the remote learning process. Additionally, we will provide a high quality live streaming solution that will allow you to share special events, athletic competitions, and much more with authorized persons, even if they are miles away!


Remote Learning Solutions with custom portable systems or classroom installed systems that are user friendly. Remote learning solutions are here to stay and we try to provide the latest technology to our schools.

  • Video Conferencing

  • Live Streaming Systems so that special events or athletic events can be streamed out to authorized persons.

Remote Learning

Security Systems

Every community is vulnerable to potential security threats, and now more than ever it is paramount to protect the people we care about in the communities we serve.


It is necessary to design a security plan that will take into account the threats your premise is most likely to encounter, as well as the threats that you may never face; you can never be too careful. In the modern world, the best way to protect ourselves is to implement security technologies and protocols – and of course to be properly trained to use these technologies and protocols – to prepare ourselves for emergency situations.


The Knight Services team has decades of experience installing and maintaining the security systems necessary to accomplish these goals. We are best equipped to propose a system that will keep you safe, no matter your security needs.

  • Access Control, electronic locking systems in case of a lockdown.

  • Intelligent Surveillance Systems with analytics

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Life Safety Systems Public Address emergency notification systems. In an emergency, clear, loud voice communication saves lives.

Security Systems

IT Support
and Services

Though we are optimistic that we will be able to design the solution for you, we are also pragmatic; sometimes, technology fails, and when it does, you need to trust that support will be available to solve any problems that may arise. Thanks to our many years of experience, we will be able to take care of those issues.


For a given amount of hours (weekly/monthly) we will provide on site support to resolve any technical issues you may have, and ensure that your wifi and local area network are working at their full capacity.

  • Provide on site support for a certain number of hours each week or each month to address any technology issue and to ensure that your wifi and local area network is running at its full capability.

IT Support and Services
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